Fuck You Colfer - September 17, 2008

Seriously. Fuck you. Fuck you forever. For fuck's sake. I never heard of you until today and I don't care who the fuck you are. Apparently you are an established writer already. This makes it a lot fucking worse. You have no fucking excuse. Fuckwit. What the fuck were you thinking? What the fuck is wrong with you? Actually, don't answer that. Just fuck off. Fuck. Why yes I am having difficulty constructing sentences that do not contain the word fuck right now. Want to know why, fucker? It's because of that fucker Colfer and his complete fucking inability to grasp the basic concept of fucking integrity. Penguin, fine. We expect that shit from those cunts. Fucking writers should know better. It's not fucking hard. It's called don't fucking shit on fucking corpses. Fucking how hard is that? Fuck.

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